Critical Care Nephrology

Critical Care Nephrology

What is Critical Care Nephrology?

Critical Care Nephrology is an interdisciplinary department dedicated to preventing, managing, and curing acute kidney function, fluid, and electrolyte balance disorders in critically ill patients.

Critical Care Nephrology allows doctors to treat patients with kidney disease, electrolyte and metabolic imbalances, poisoning, severe sepsis, major organ dysfunction, and other pathological conditions. These medical professionals are highly qualified and experienced in the most recent innovations in renal replacement methods and improved dialysis delivery to critically ill patients. These novel approaches are proving effective in improving the outcomes of people suffering from acute renal failure.

Over the last two decades, the care of patients in intensive care units has become increasingly complex. These people benefit from the expertise of doctors who specialise in critical care medicine and have a particular interest in researching innovative treatments to improve care for people with renal disease associated with a critical illness at the hospital.

"The nephrology critical care service is staffed by nephrologists specialising in acute renal failure, critical care medicine, acid-base disorders, and fluid and electrolyte imbalances. Several members of this team are also board-certified in critical care medicine and nephrology.

People in the Intensive care unit (ICU) frequently benefit from our nephrology critical care services' diagnostic and therapeutic expertise. Our experts have extensive experience with renal replacement methods and improved dialysis delivery to critically ill patients. These methods have been shown to improve the outcomes of acute renal failure patients.

At Our DR PRANITH RAM's Renal care Center, critically ill patients with Nephrology ailments are given special attention. A team of nephrologists and critical care experts will care for critically ill patients. This team will handle any emergencies that arise as a result of renal failure. This team has extensive experience in dealing with the customisation options of renal replacement therapy, respiratory support and dealing with the various issues arising from kidney failure in various organ systems. With several patients nearing end-stage kidney disease, round-the-clock care is imperative to ensure their comfort and protection. The critical care unit of DR PRANITH RAM's renal care Centre specialises in offering Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and Sustained low-efficiency Daily Dialysis with proficiency and complete safety and care."